Social Responsibility Charter


“SEHA” is committed to a set of principles and values that represent the ruling framework for its contribution to sustainable development, through focusing on issues related to social responsibility and the integration of its ethics to enhance the company’s strategy in the work system and global practices. “SEHA” is committed to that framework towards all employees and community in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Social: Physical, psychological and mental healthcare are considered to be a human right, and amongst the most basic requirements for achieving social justice, accordingly “SEHA” is committed to applying the best practices, community awareness programs and open communication and feedback channels from clients and employees to participate in decision-making and improve anticipated ways of development.
  • Economical: In order to achieve a disease-free economy, “SEHA” is committed to the creation of and participation in disease prevention programs and methods to reduce the risks and the need for treatment.
  • Ethical: Encourage staff and partners to practice the principles of morality and honesty and active participation, through the implementation of ISO 26000 standards.
  • Legal: “SEHA” enhances and maintains the human rights concepts approved by local laws that coincide with international human rights charters, through non-practice or non-support of any form of coercive actions or the use of child labor.
  • Humanitarian: Respecting and maintaining human dignity is among “SEHA” priorities, coping with our Islamic religion and following the directions of the wise government leadership, accordingly we are committed to providing a stable work environment based on the symbiotic relationships between “SEHA” and its employees and reject any act of discrimination in any form, either in terms of sex, race, religion, nationality or disability, in addition to the development of regulations that prohibit practicing or promoting those acts.
  • Health and Safety: “SEHA” is concerned with providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees by ensuring the safety precautions and commitments to security and safety policy and the application of its standards in addition to training.
  • Environmental: “SEHA” believes in environmental responsibility concept and the impact of their activities on the environment, accordingly “SEHA” is keen to follow the environmental standards imposed by the country and reduce the carbon footprint through reducing the use of paper in addition to provision of special containers for medical wastes and the use of environmentally friendly disposal methods.
  • Institutional Government: “SEHA” will review the charter and ensure applying it at all levels of the company in addition to providing it to the related parties when necessary and apply continuous development on their systems and practices regularly.
  • Emiratization: Encouraging and promoting the concept of working in the health sector through raising awareness and the needs through various programs offered to students and the provision of summer employment opportunities and incentives for all segments of society.