Cardiology is a specialty that has seen some of the most revolutionary medical advances that have occurred in the last century. It is a field that embodies a unique mix of hands-on practical applications associated with physiological principles.

The SSMC Cardiology Fellowship Program was established in 2015. Providing an appropriate mix of patient care, education conferences, and professional growth in a collegial and scholarly setting, the program leads to the development of outstanding clinical and academic cardiologists.

We provide an academically and clinically rigorous training program in general cardiology as well as advanced training in clinical cardiology subspecialties and cardiovascular research.

The goal of the Cardiology Fellowship Program is to prepare trainees for a career in cardiovascular medicine. Critical to this goal is a solid foundation in clinical cardiology in all areas within the rotations provided during the fellowship program. We aspire to train new visionary leaders in the field of cardiovascular medicine in the Gulf region.

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Number of fellows accepted each year: 2
  • Accreditations: Arab Board, ACGME-I, Jordanian Board and Emirati Board


  • Completion of the Internal Medicine residency program is required to join the Cardiology Fellowship Program
  • The Internal Medicine residency program must be ACGME-I accredited or equivalent to a three/four-year residency training program and accepted by the faculty
  • To be in good standing and have passed all the Arab Board exams.
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