The Simulation Center gives sustenance to the educational strategy at SSMC by providing a unique opportunity for participants to gain hands-on experience in a simulated and safe learning environment. Learning in a simulated environment reduces stress for the healthcare provider while learning and adopting a skill for the first time, enhancing an existing skill, or innovating a new interventional technique while significantly reducing patient risk.

SSMC centre of innovation and medical simulation provides simulation-based training on high-fidelity patient simulators, surgical simulators, Virtual Reality/Augmented reality and task trainers. Through this innovative and cutting-edge technology, guided by skilled & experienced facilitators, the centre provides continuous reporting and metrics monitoring of the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures and practices to ensure continuous development, and improvement of the performance of participants and eventually the quality of care provided to our patients.

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Our simulation centre offers premier facilities for healthcare training, education, and research. This brief outline simplified booking procedures, transparent pricing, and available amenities to enhance user experience and maximize facility utilization. With clear sections covering facility overview, booking procedures, rates, amenities, user guidelines, and contact information, we aim to provide easy access and satisfaction for healthcare professionals, educational institutions, and corporate clients alike. The design focuses on clarity, with mobile responsiveness and integration with booking software, while regular updates and user feedback ensure continuous improvement.

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Hanaa Awad

Simulation Operations Specialist

Richard Ormonde

Simulation Educator

Mark William Genese Apilado

Executive Assistant

Standardized Patients Program

The Program by the SSMC center of Innovation and Medical innovation specializes in human simulation in healthcare as we recruit, train, and supervises a large pool of human role players, otherwise known as simulated patients, standardized patients, or SPs, who work on projects ranging from teaching in small-group settings to large-scale structured clinical exams. The usual requirement for the SPs is to be able to act / perform certain symptoms since they play the role of a patient, and this increases the quality of trainings.

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Simulation Consultation

Our simulation centre offers a comprehensive consultation service led by experienced simulation experts. These services include curriculum development, scenario design, debriefing type etc.

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Creating a course at a simulation centre involves developing tailored educational programs. This includes designing realistic scenarios, selecting appropriate technology, and training facilitators. Courses aim to engage participants in experiential learning, enhancing critical skills in a safe environment. Assessment tools are used to measure learning outcomes. To create a course from scratch, contact our simulation experts on email.

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