Education is one of the three shields that define the Mayo Clinic model of care, and is a key differentiator that has enabled SSMC to position itself as a destination medical center.
Aligned with Mayo Clinic’s strategic vision of quality health care, education and research are the propellers of practice allowing us to respond to the evolving health care needs of the UAE and beyond. Through education, we aim to enhance, develop and nurture medical knowledge and skills to ensure excellence in research, clinical practice, and health care delivery.
By expanding its educational scope through regional and international academic partnerships with renowned institutes, SSMC takes a holistic and future-focused approach to health care.
SSMC fulfilled all requirements for accreditation by the National Institute for Health Specialties (NIHS), making major strides towards establishing SSMC as a leading teaching hospital and destination medical education center regionally. The NIHS is a medical accreditation body that is affiliated with the United Arab Emirates University and is mandated to accredit hospitals and health care organizations to host speciality programs leading to post-graduate qualifications.

Our ‘Education Shield’ aspires to offer programs designed
around the six domains of health care quality:


To avoid harm to patients from the care intended to help them.


To ensure that the care provided is sensitive to the patient’s values, preferences and needs.


To reduce wait time and delays for both the recipients and providers of care.


To provide services based on scientific knowledge and avoid underutilization or overutilization of services.


To refrain from wasting resources, including equipment, supplies, ideas and energy.


To provide quality care independent of and uninfluenced by individual characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, geographic location, and socioeconomic status.

Training Program

As a learner, you will get valuable experience to improve your core competencies in medical knowledge, professionalism, patient care, interpersonal skills, communication, system-based practice, and practice-based learning for furthering your education.