General Dermatology clinic handle a wide variety of skin diseases and ailments. Screening of cutaneous malignancies and precancerous lesions. Treatment of Genodermatosis and Epidermolysis bullosa. Day care biological infusion therapies. Photodermatology (treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and other photoresponsive dermatitis and dermatosis). Allergy testing: Subcutaneous immunotherapay, prick test, patch test and photopatch test. Wound healing. Laser: the current lasers available covers a wide range of indications including : vascular anomalies, leg veins, facial telengectasia, pigmented lesions, laser resurfacing for surgical scars,  striae, post burn scars,  photoaging and rejuvenations. Surgical procedures include removal of moles, cysts and diagnostic elliptical and punch biopsies, abscesses incision and drainage, hyperhidrosis, etc.

Consultants & Specialists