The Emergency Medicine Residency Program was established in 2014. The program offers residents the fundamental skills, knowledge and humanistic qualities that constitute the foundations of Emergency Medicine (EM) practices. Residents will develop a level of clinical maturity, judgment and technical skills required to practice EM, the ability to incorporate new skills and knowledge during their careers, as well as monitor their own physical and mental well-being.

The Emergency Medicine Training Program is well structured, goal-oriented and designed to enrich the knowledge and skills that qualify physicians in training to provide independent, acute care to patients that arrive at the Emergency Department (ED).

Upon completion of the program, all trained emergency physicians are expected to provide rapid treatment and stabilization of emergencies, as well as quickly differentiate between emergent and non-emergent conditions.

  • Duration: 5 years
  • Number of residents accepted each year: 4
  • Accreditations:Arab Board, ACGME-I, Jordanian Board and Emirati Board


  • Completion of an internship is required to join the Emergency Medicine Residency program
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