Sept. 27, 2023

Living with Breast Cancer: Coping with Emotional Challenges

Living with Breast Cancer: Coping with Emotional Challenges
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting the lives of millions of women worldwide. Beyond its physical toll, the emotional effects are equally as challenging, changing the way individuals conduct their daily lives. Here we’ll be exploring strategies to cope with breast cancer diagnosis and address the complex emotions you may face during your treatment journey. “Breast cancer is a personal journey. It is a path that tests our spirit, challenges our fears and ultimately reveals the depths of our bravery. With every step forward, you redefine what it means to be a warrior, a survivor and a beacon of hope. This journey is yours to conquer by accepting the things you cannot change and still rising and living each day with courage.” Ahlam K. Salem, Clinical Psychologist

Seeking emotional and mental support

It’s important to accept and express the emotions you feel along your path to recovery; whether it’s anxiety, fear or hope, ensure you build a strong network of support with whom you can share your experiences. In addition, it’s important to safeguard your mental well-being as it helps you cope with negative feelings and stay positive. Below are ways that can be a source of support across your treatment journey:
  • Support from loved ones such as family or friends is also key to building emotional strength. It’s common to feel isolated during your treatment – having assistance and encouragement from those around you plays a vital role in keeping your spirits high.
  • Meditation and deep breathing techniques can alleviate feelings of anxiety, but if you feel overwhelmed or are struggling to cope, don’t hesitate to receive professional counseling.
  • Breast cancer support groups provide a safe space that fosters solidarity and empathy, offering women the opportunity to share their lived experiences. Building a sense of unity makes a profound difference, bringing you comfort in knowing you are not alone.
SSMC’s breast cancer support group provides a safe space aimed at giving women the opportunity to discuss their feelings and unique experiences. By creating an environment that brings breast cancer fighters together, the support group aims to inspire hope and help patients stay strong.
Join our upcoming breast cancer patient support group on 28th of October in Abu Dhabi Ladies Club.
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Practicing self-care and fostering resilience

As you go through the steps of your treatment journey, it’s crucial to cultivate a sense of self-compassion and remind yourself to engage in things that are meaningful to you. Whether it’s pursuing a hobby or practicing a self-care routine, ensure that you continue to immerse yourself in activities that bring you fulfillment. By incorporating the support of those around you, following the guidance of your care team and engaging in everyday activities that enrich your life, you’ll come out of this experience with a renewed sense of resilience, which is key to beating breast cancer.
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