The Internal Medicine Residency Program was established in 2008. It is designed to provide broad-based clinical training with an emphasis on academic medicine. The program aims to assist residents in acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become an outstanding internist capable of training patients across a spectrum of diseases.

This training is essential not only for those who will pursue a career in internal medicine, but also for those who are planning on further subspecialty training and careers in academic medicine. Residents are guided towards developing their careers, achieving scholarships, and completing the prerequisites needed for the next steps of their careers.

A unique feature of the program is the mixture between inpatient and outpatient experiences. During these rotations, residents will build skills in outpatient diagnosis and treatment while managing diverse continuity practices. Residents in inpatient rotations enjoy graded responsibilities with first-year residents providing much of the direct patient care, with second and third-year residents assuming increased responsibility for teaching, supervision, and mastery of medical knowledge.

Recently, we have introduced the Medical Admission Unit at our IM department. The MAU is a great addition to our residency as it provides residents the chance to assess and evaluate the undifferentiated patient. The MAU is an assessment unit, not a routine medical ward. The aim and objective of this unit is early assessment, early senior input and early safe decision making. The key metric is disposition of the patient within 48hours (or earlier) to either an IM ward, speciality ward or even discharge home. The MAU will be a great opportunity for our Residents to learn all about assessing and managing the “acutely unwell patient” under close supervision from our Consultants and Specialists on the unit.

SSMC is one of the largest hospital centres in the UAE. It is a tertiary facility where we deal with very complex and acutely ill patients with various pathologies. This further enhances the quality of the education provided to our residents.

Our residents and graduates of the program are an essential element of the excellent patient care that SSMC is known for. This emphasizes the value of encountering a diverse set of diseases and training well rounded internists.

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Number of residents accepted each year: 10
  • Accreditations: Emirati Board, the ACGME-I, Arab Board, and the Jordanian Board.
  • Accreditations in process: Royal College of Canada.

Program Requirements:

  • Completion of an internship is required to join the Internal Medicine Residency Program.
  • Competitive Emirates Medical Residency Entrance Examination
  • Competitive GPA.

Program Coordinator

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