Medical leadership is emerging as an integral part of a doctor’s professional career, with the future of medical leadership being at the vanguard of the current students of medicine. In spite of the fundamentally essential role leadership plays in medicine, existing graduate curriculums do not often include it in the syllabus.

Given the current medical climate, it is imperative that institutions have physicians in leadership roles who possess the skills and experience to lead in complex and volatile environments. SSMC offers students a Leadership Program tailored specifically to those in the medical field. The program integrates didactic, workshop-based, and reflective learning, equipping students with the competence, leadership knowledge, and essential tools to prosper in their medical careers.

SSMC’s leadership program is designed specifically to enhance the leadership and management skills of future medical professionals. Convening medical directors, chiefs of divisions and an interdisciplinary faculty team, the program provides comprehensive and structured teaching of critical leadership and management skills.


  • Further learners’ knowledge and leadership skills
  • Influence the attitudes and promote leadership behavior
  • Promote the role of leadership in career development
  • Provide opportunities for medical students to actively participate in a program that will heighten their career prospects

The program aims to cover:

  • General leadership characteristics
  • Specific leadership qualities, including healthcare, education and research leadership.
  • The program is open for all medical students from SSMC’s affiliated universities.

  • The program will be delivered by SSMC faculty members, trainers, and esteemed professionals across a spectrum of medical disciplines.

  • The program will be predominantly extra-curricular and will have periodic activities during each academic year. Every program cycle will consist of the following:

    • 3 lecture series, each lecture will be an hour long
    • 5 hours of workshop training
    • An optional one-two hours of work placement/work-shadowing
    • A reflection report by students

    All activities in the program are to be undertaken outside of study hours to allow for minimal interference with students’ circular activities.

    A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the program.

  • SSMC Education Leadership Program Features

    A) Lecture series

    The program consists of three lecture series; each of which will cover various leadership characteristics.

    Lecture series 1 Lecture series 2
    Topics Topics
    a) Program Introduction (10 minutes) a) Decision making in Leadership (30 minutes)
    b) Vision in Leadership (25 minutes) b) Confidence in Leadership (30 minutes)
    c) Initiative and persuasion in Leadership (25 minutes)
    Lecture series 3
    a) Drive and motivation in Leadership (30 minutes)
    b) Creativity in Leadership (30 minutes)

    B) Workshop

    • Five hours of workshop covering various aspects of leadership
    • Three 20 minute lectures by faculty members
    • Three 10-20 minute talks by students
    • Two hours of interactive scenarios focused on problem-solving

    Leadership traits addressed during the workshop

    • Interpersonal communications
    • Patience
    • Strategic and critical thinking
    • Inspiration
    • Teamwork
    • People empowerment
    • Continuous improvement
    • Delegation

    Workshop day framework

    SSMC Education Leadership Program Features

    C) Work placement/work shadowing

    Students have the option of undertaking one-two hours of work shadowing, learning from leaders in various medical fields.

    D) Reflection report

    Each student will write and submit a short reflection report of the program covering the following aspects:

    • Describing the experience of the program
    • A summary of what was learned
    • The reasoning behind undertaking this program
    • Three things most liked about the program
    • Three things you suggest can be changed/improved in the program
    • Five leadership traits that you think will help you in future carrier developed
    • Would you recommend this program to your peers?
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