Zeinab, a 63 Year Old Mother, Recovered From Charcot Foot Against All Odds With the Help of SSMC’s Foot and Ankle Dr. Moez Ballal

June 16, 2022

Zainab, a 63-year-old mother who had come to Abu Dhabi to be near her daughters, suffered from an injury in her foot, revealing the diagnosis of a condition called Charcot Foot, which is a rare but serious condition that leads to the extreme weakening of bones and joints. After being advised to amputate her foot but refusing, Zainab visited #SSMC for a second opinion. Dr. Moez Ballal, consultant in Trauma & Orthopedics, foot & ankle surgeon, was determined to help her and save her foot without the need for amputation. Dr. Moez performed over 10 different surgeries on her foot.

With the care of our multidisciplinary team, Zainab’s foot is saved, and she has now made a full recovery.

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