In conjunction with our postnatal ward, our labor and delivery ward is dedicated to providing the highest care for your newborn baby. Having received the world-renowned “Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative” accreditation, our practices strongly support the global initiative of implementing actions that protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

While the newborn period in most babies is generally uneventful, our multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and allied health services are committed to addressing all your newborn needs.

Baby-friendly Hospital: Our specialized team of lactation consultants and bedside nurses work closely with mothers in order to help them provide the best source of nutrition to their newborns: their breastmilk.

Access to highly specialized neonatal intensive care: Some babies take longer to adjust to the outer world as they come out of the mother’s womb, for which they might require a period of close observation in our specialized neonatal intensive care unit.

Well baby follow-up clinic: It is always a pleasure for us to see our newborns again shortly after discharge to ensure they have a smooth transition back home with their families.

Consultants & Specialists