Welcome to Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City’s Health Sciences Education Center

The Health Sciences Education Center is dedicated to creating excellence in the clinical practice of the Allied Healthcare Workforce at Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City and in the UAE. The center was designed to transform health education in SSMC and to support the teaching and learning of our Allied Healthcare Workforce. Our goals are to provide educational support through a conducive and team-oriented environment. It is also to facilitate professional development, initiate mentorship programs and a culture of learning. Through this, we upskill our staff to meet the needs of SSMC and become leaders in the field. Our aim is to become the largest educational Hub in the region. Through collaborations with our stakeholders in the region, we will improve the health of the community and become a center of excellence in education, research and clinical care.


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For further inquiries and assistance, please contact us on the email below:

[email protected]

Dr. Seema Nour

Associate Dean of Health Sciences

Dr. Eiman Al Zaabi

Chair, Medical Laboratory

Duaa Mohamed

Health Sciences Education Coordinator

Dr. Azizah Almaghyuli

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Teena Thomas

Health Sciences Education Coordinator

Abdulkadir Noorshe

Respiratory Therapy, Manager

Jayshree Maistry

Manager, Radiology

Teri Jill Mason

Rehabilitation Services, Manager

Nishar Bathoolunnisa

Clinical Dietetics, Manager

Thuraya Omar

Medical Laboratory, Manager

Marleine Bejjani

Pharmacy, Manager

Hekmat Al Yasen

Senior Anesthesia Technologist

Krinesh Naidoo

Manager, Cardio-Diagnostics Services

Alfan Saeed Al Ameri

Senior Medical Physicist

Shane Leslie Channer

Emergency Medical Technician

Lara El Masri

Echocardiography Laboratory Supervisor

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Embark on a journey of professional growth and impact in the different specialities of Allied Health.

Our vision is to emerge as the premier integrated destination for allied health education in the region. Our establishment of the center is rooted in our commitment to redefine the education and practice of allied healthcare professionals. We aspire to enhance individual patient and public health outcomes by equipping our workforce to lead the future of healthcare.

The Health Sciences Education Center offers training programs across various departments, including:

  • Radiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Emergency Medical Services


January 2024
1st Masterclass on Immunohematology workshop at SSMC
February 2024
2nd SSMC Pharmacy Conference

New Clinical Psychologists joined the Mental Health Services team:

Dr. Azizah Almaghyuli Dr. Wala Marassas Dr. Afnan Alameri

Upcoming events

October 2024

SSMC Education Week

How do I apply for allied health training programs at SSMC?

When does the intake for training begin?

What are the admission requirements for an applicant to qualify for training?

Can I apply to multiple allied health programs simultaneously?

Do I need prior experience to be considered for training?

Can I send my credentials in Arabic language, or it is mandatory to send English translation?

After submitting my application, what is the next step?

What are the categories of training?

Do I need to pay for the training?

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